About us



Who are we?

 A young team with dreams bigger than our fears.

So Nomadic Boutique was a big dream of ours. Asad, who is known as Asadaay, is a Somali/Irish Social Media Influencer who created this brand with her creative team to showcase diversity, inspire growth and plant seeds of hope. The name "So Nomadic" pays homage to our heritage; our grandparents were Nomads, and our parents traversed the globe before settling down. We hail from a lineage of Nomadic people.

Growing up in a society that dictated standards of beauty long before we could articulate our thoughts, we recognized the need for a brand that celebrates our unique differences. So Nomadic embodies the belief that we are all distinct, yet inherently beautiful in our nomadic essence.

In a world where not all forms of beauty are acknowledged and celebrated, So Nomadic stands out. Our collective of passionate young individuals came together to inspire through a chic and sophisticated boutique experience.

Where do we envision ourselves in five years? Simply put, as a trailblazing brand in the modest industry, with diversity at its core. We are a luxury brand, curating elegant pieces that elevate any wardrobe, adding the perfect touch of sophistication.